Stikki Peaches


Stikki Peaches pastes up these humorous pop art pieces in Monreal, each of which asks the question “What if art ruled the world?” Imagining the answer to that, I doubt things would look like an acid trip-style satirization of contemporary pop culture. Maybe more like this. But this hardly matters when I’d like to keep seeing reality through Stikki Peaches’ imagination.







Photos by Space27

  • Grrr, it’s like Mr. Brainwash without the technically competent graphic designers helping me along the way. Even the slogan stinks of Mr. Brainwash.

    And no, I don’t hate all street art heavily influenced by pop art.

  • Now now RJ… you’d think someone like yourself would have a higher appreciation for local artists making it happen. Props to Stikki Peaches for getting people to NOTICE and

  • I’ve been seeing Stikki Peaches’ paste ups for years around the city. I’m glad Vandalog took notice!

  • Danina

    Harsh words. Personally, i think that Stikki rocks, and I look forward to seeing more of his art on Montreal walls, and perhaps, soon, on my own.

  • Stikki is part of my hood and contributes to its uniqueness. LOVE his work.