Stik in Chelsea and at Bushwick Five Points

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Stik in "AgitPOP" in Chelsea, Manhattan

Stik in “AgitPOP” in Chelsea, Manhattan. Photo courtesy of Stik.

In NYC this past weekend for the opening of AgitPOP, a group exhibit curated by Anthony Haden-Guest, London-based artist Stik also made it to the Winter Mural Project at Bushwck Five Points.

Stik at Bushwick Five Points

Stik at Bushwick Five Points. Photo by Lenny Collado.

Stik signs fan's black book

Stik signs fan’s black book. Photo by Lenny Collado.

Photos by Lenny Collado and courtesy of Stik

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  • I always have a good laugh when I see this guy’s work covered by blogs. WOW.

  • Stik’s work isn’t going to get written up in art history books. Sure. But it’s a great way to fill a blank wall. The work is friendly and approachable, and easy to digest. Sometimes it’s very exciting to see big bombastic street art or work with details that took weeks to paint, but that isn’t always what is needed. Stik’s work makes me smile, it makes me look around and notice things, and then I move on. It’s a simple pleasure. Not unlike Invader.

  • Admittedly there are a lot of guys like this, and Stik’s personality, his infectious enthusiasm and joy, doesn’t hurt.