David de la Mano

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According to the artist, David de la Mano, this is one mural in two parts (it was painted and photographed and then repainted and photographed again), entitled La caverna I and La caverna II. Reminds me a bit of a small scale Sam3.

Photos by David de la Mano

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  • More that a bit like Sam3…

  • Florencia

    I think you are wrong. David De La Mano has significant experience as an illustrator and muralist and his illustrations characterizes his work: for example, the work of David De La Mano reaches details than other artists like Sam3 not explode.

  • I agree, David de la Mano uses more detail than Sam3 and his designs are smaller, and his characters are more realistically proportioned. with that said, I think the similarities between the two artists are pretty strong

  • I’m sorry – you can go back and forth on this all day, but this bites Sam3 a lil’ too hard for me and Sam3 has been internationally known for years now.

  • Pablo S. Herrero

    I know David for many years and he has a very personal graphic language. Comparisons are irrelevant.

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