The Walls Project in London


The Walls Project is a series of legal spots organized by the folks behind Global Street Art. To date, they’ve organized over fifty of spots in London for local and international artists to paint. A lot of the spots they find are the roll-down shutters for shops in East London. It’s great to know that there are a couple of friendly guys in London who are simply interested in helping artists find more spots to paint and making their daily commutes a bit more interesting. You can see more of the walls and a map here.

A side note: Global Street Art are currently working on releasing their first book through Unbound, a sort of Kickstarter for books.

Here are a few of my favorites shutter pieces from The Walls Project:

2Rise and Gris

Milo Tchais
The Krah
Ador, The Krah, Hunto, and Milo Tchais
Jaw, Bom.K, and Brusk
Malarky, Bue, and Resto
Anthony Lister

Photos by Lee Bofkin

  • I like that Chase left some of the shutter unpainted. On the reverse, I like that Lister basically did a mural that happened to have a shutter somewhere under it