Weekend link-o-rama

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Rothko from beyond the grave by Freddy Sam

Not much to say this week except of course that I’m pumped for The Art of Comedy. Not too much news either, but some important stories…

Photo by Faith47 and via Wooster Collective

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  • hieronymus

    This was “culturally accepted” when it was made (for example the cost/revs). Now it’s become the very thing it was giving the finger too. If success is in being true to the message, this auctioning off of graffiti culture is a giant fail. And this is why we now have a new gen. aiming for valued validated work but with extremely shallow content, like say a 1 off of Warhol or the dude that just writes his name like basquit or whatever. Or am i just playing that annoying guy role again? Excuse me “street art” let me get out of your way. I understand you have places to go and more important people to see.

  • Caroline

    Snaps to that. Such a blatant incentive for street art to have a dollar dangled in front of it. I don’t want this generations work to be less genuine since the goals are entirely reoriented.