Rich Simmons at Imitate Modern

It’s Frieze week and London is in full swing with pompous art enthusiasts and decrepit rich men buying art and prostitutes all around the city. While most people get excited about the Fair itself, here at Vandalog, we like the satellite events happening that let the galleries go all out and give us a break from snobbery that encompasses Frieze. So besides Moniker and Lazarides’ Bedlam, Imitate Modern is joining the ranks of outsider shows with Just Be You Tiful – a solo show by Rich Simmons.

While most of our readers know Rich as Opera Gallery’ poster boy for commercial street art, this guy has really come into his own in 2012. While he may get a bad rep from all of the publicity that Opera threw at him, Simmons is one of the most hardworking artists I have had the pleasure of knowing. Always willing to lend a helping hand and constantly scrutinizing his own work, Simmons is his own worst critic (not the naysayers on the Banksy forum).

For Just Be You Tiful Simmons has been locked in the studio producing an entirely new body of work to showcase during Frieze at Imitate Modern. Known for its sold out Stik show last year, Simmons has impressed the gallery with his own brand of stencil and collage works. The master of the exacto knife, these intricate multi-layered canvasses are sure to turn a few heads when they find out this is Simmons’ new style especially the Sailor Jerry homages and naked pin-ups. Ooh La La!

Just Be You Tiful opens October 12 at Imitate Modern in London.

All images courtesy of Rich Simmons

  • What’s the improvement compared to previous work? The first piece in particular still looks like something Mr. Brainwash would do if he didn’t have technically competent assistants. The other stencils look like Aiko on a bad day.

  • Steph Keller

    I really enjoy the multi-layers. It’s really difficult to achieve depth with stencils like that and I think the effect is really new to be honest.

  • copoutart

    very dissapointing that youve gone to this level. it shows a lack of knowledge of the stencil scene: “The master of the exacto knife, these intricate multi-layered canvasses” – what fucking planet are you on? this work is a brainwash rip off, right down to the different coloured hearts. shame to see Vandalog has gone to shit when they resort to covering this fake.

  • Minx

    Haha, Rich Simmons. From his oh-so-urban routes in rural South Lincolnshire to his current emperor’s-new-clothes ‘recognition’ among clueless gallery-hoppers via a bunch of really bad t-shirt designs.

  • copoutart

    @dcc835815b2bdad500c28b81c0027454:disqus so your saying that the concept of a drop shadow is something new and fresh? wow.

  • I’ve been privy to an exclusive “interview” with the divisive Rich Simmons, if anyone’s interested.