Laser 3.14 photographed by Anne Barlinckhoff

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Anne Barlinckhoff shot a great series of photos while spending a day with Laser 3.14. These are a few of my favorites, and you can view the whole set here.

Also, Laser 3.14 has a show, Let me know the rules so I can ignore them, opening on May 3rd at advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy‘s Amsterdam offices (Herengracht 258).

Photos by Anne Barlinckhoff

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  • I find it odd that any art show would be held at an advertising agency.  What do you make of that, RJ?

  •  Yeah, it’s a bit odd, but not unheard of.

  • That makes sense, but I wonder, is there a broader purpose to that?  And it does mean, in some ways, that street art will be appropriated more and more within traditional advertising?

  • Broader purpose? I assume it’s a marketing gimmick for the firm with a happy upside for fans of Laser 3.14. Do you think there is more to it?

    I don’t think it’s anything new that advertisers are trying to use street art. Actually, I think this show is in some ways a response to work that Ogilvy & Mather have commissioned for their offices. They worked with The Carmichael Gallery on a show a few years ago, and Steve Powers painted their stairwell.

  • Thanks for thoughts.  I don’t necessarily think there’s more to it.  I was just curious.  From what little I know about them from friends in the industry, W+K seem to be ahead of the curve on a lot of things.

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