Remi/Rough hits David Shillinglaw’s studio

Too often I see an artist releasing a new mass produced screenprint, pulled by a large print house, and with little or no input from the artist themselves. As a result, I rather enjoy seeing the process an artist goes through to produce a piece of work, be it print or original. It is almost refreshing.

Recently Remi/Rough team up with David Shillinglaw in David’s north London studio to paint this lovely colab canvas. And whilst doing so, posed for a few nice photos of them at work…

Check out more shots and the finished piece after the jump…

Photos by Joanna Dudderidge and Remi/Rough.

  • Davedave

    someone should do a wee feature about the childish name calling that is going on between remi/rough the grass and eine can’t use spraypaint.  it’s pretty awesome and has been entertaining me for a couple of weeks now. 

  • What name calling is this? I seem to have missed it completely.