Jesse Edwards @ Klughaus Gallery

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When I stopped by Klughaus Gallery last week, Jesse Edwards was already at work installing his exhibit, “Dialogue of the Streets.”  Featuring an eclectic range of artwork from traditional landscapes to graffiti-inspired ceramics, the exhibit opens this Friday, January 13,  from 6-10pm at 47 Monroe Street on Manhattan’s LES/Chinatown. Here are a few favorites I captured (the first depicting the artist with the prolific graffiti writer, Adek):

Photos by Lois Stavsky

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  • Rhythmicflow2010


  • Bubu

    No disrespect , but that’s just awful … And those colours are just horrible. Sorry, don’t like it 🙁

  • boost-the-most

    ^ lol at Bubu’s comment above…. Taken from the QR scan for the “Orange” piece and his reason for the use of those “bad” colors: “This painting depicts somewhat taboo objects painted in the color orange. While I was attending art school, the colorist Charles Emerson
    was an instructor of mine who I respected. He told me that the color
    orange was bad. As a result, I tried to use as many “bad” things in the
    color orange to make a “bad” painting….”

  • The porcelain work looks like an imitation of Charles Krafft.