Hanksy — not Banksy — in the streets and in the Krause Gallery

A number of months ago a series of Banksy-like images with the face of actor Tom Hanks began surfacing in NYC. I didn’t think much of them, and thought they might be a somewhat clever way to promote Tom Hanks. I couldn’t imagine anyone even trying to spoof Banksy – one of the greatest satirists of our time! Anyway, the images are back again and this time coinciding with a gallery exhibit featuring a range of them. When I stopped by this afternoon, the space was quite busy. It looks like we – the street art aficionados or, at least, those of us who frequent galleries – are the target of this satire, and its creator may be quite clever.  After I left, I overheard one passerby explain to another that there was a Banksy show at the gallery. Hanksy – not Banksy!

Here are two Hanksy images that recently surfaced on the streets of the Lower East Side:

And here are three on exhibit in the Krause Gallery @ 149 Orchard Street:

Photos by Lois Stavsky

  • I just don’t get it. Seems to me like the street art version of some tired internet meme. He’s just mashing up two things and hoping that the result is something different. There is clever critique of street art through art. There is good pop art on the street. And then there is Hanksy, which is something else entirely…