Weekend link-o-rama

October 7th, 2011 | By | 5 Comments »

Portrait of Steve Jobs in France

This weekend I’ll be in Boston. If you have any ideas for what I should get up to, leave a comment. I’ll definitely be checking out Swoon’s installation at the ICA Boston. Here’s what’s been going on in street art while I’ve been locked in my room studying all week:

Photo by Abode of Chaos

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  • Matt

    This is what’s going on in ‘street art’? Really? Looks more like what’s going on in product press releases, gallery shows, lifestyle magazines and auctions I think you need to get out a bit more.

  • JP

    Since you’ll already be at the ICA, do not, repeat, DO NOT, miss Doris Salcedo’s exhibit/installation. One of the best, most poignant artists working today.

  • Est1

    There is a huge free graffiti wall on a small town called Beverly, 25 minutes away from North Station in Boston, you should def check it out.

  • Would you rather I always say “art by artists who also have worked made street art” whenever I mean that, rather than just saying “street art” and hoping that people understand my shorthand? I think most people are intelligent enough to understand what is being said when I don’t make that differentiate so explicit, but maybe you are not.

  • Matt

    Yeah, or maybe you just jumped out of your pram like a silly child because you got called out on this blog not really being about street art at all. We’re bored with your fakery. Keep on re-posting press releases though, it’s obviously what you do best.