Is Vinchen bringing us an art show?

Vinchen is Columbus, Ohio’s best-known street artist, but now Vinchen is taking things indoors with Art? Show, presented by Columbus’ Rivet Gallery. Art? Show won’t be taking place at Rivet Gallery, but rather at a (secret for now) pop-up location and will only be open for two days: October 21st and 22nd. The location will be revealed on October 17th. Just what exactly the show will be like is something else that Vinchen is keeping secret for now, but here’s an artist statement:

Photo by Vinchen

  • Mark

    So basically he’s just copied this website¬†

  • Sort of. Not exactly. Yes, they’ve both used the Mad Libs format to make fun of artist statements, but the ideas aren’t identical. Still, thanks for pointing it out. I hadn’t known about that site and the similarities are worth noting