Burning Candy – A Fist Full of Paint

The outside of Tony's Gallery

As you can read in the latest issue of Very Nearly Almost, Burning Candy is a crew in the midst of upheaval right now. Nonetheless, the remaining members of the crew have a show opening this week in London at Tony’s Gallery (just off of Brick Lane). Sounds like A Fist Full of Paint is going to be a madhouse, but what else would you expect from Burning Candy? BC hit the front of the gallery last week with a fire extinguisher full of bright red paint, and extinguishers are due to play a large role in the show itself too. Two members of BC held a showdown with extinguishers in the gallery, and part of the show will be an installation of the aftermath of that fight, as well as a short film depicting what went down. The show will also include some more traditional work from members of Burning Candy and more new footage from Dots, the film the crew have been working on I posted footage from about a month ago. That said, Burning Candy shows always seem to come together and evolve at the 11th hour, so there’s just one thing that can be said for sure about A Fist Full of Paint: Expect the unexpected.

The show opens on Thursday and runs through August 21st.

Photo by AdversMedia

  • And yet another show of my making goes on under the radar while a show like this gets noted? Hipsters, how about you push beyond your “hello my name is _____(blah blah blah)” tag and have intention with what you do, that is if your going to frame it and put in a gallery for intelligent thought or capital.  What else is the gallery for ? Fun? 

  • Yep. It’s a conspiracy against you.

    Seriously though, did you also notice that I barely made mention of, and did not post photos from, the show that Katsu and DestroyRebuild had earlier this year in Brooklyn? The one that included an indoor extinguisher piece by Katsu, the leading modern writer to use an extinguisher to paint?

    And yes, a gallery is undoubtedly for fun, as well as intelligent thought.