Roa’s first Berlin solo show + some walls

Roa in Berlin. Photo by URBAN ARTefakte

Roa‘s work has made it to the walls around Berlin before, but next month at Skalitzers Contemporary Art he will have his first solo show in the city. Titled Transit, the show will double as the launch of a new book that Roa has made called ROA: An Introduction To Animal Representation, published by Mammal Press. Transit opens on July 9th and runs through August 6th.

While the above piece in Berlin was painted about two years ago, here are some more recent walls from him…

In LA for the LA Freewalls Project. Photo courtesy of Roa
In LA for the LA Freewalls Project. Photo courtesy of Roa
In Chicago thanks to Pawn Works. Photo courtesy of Roa

Photo by URBAN ARTefakte and courtesy of Roa

  • Mr M

    Awesome. More characterless, and very ugly, animals inflicted on the denizens of some unfortunate city…

  • Bared bones

    Yes indeed another week, another Roa show in yet another city and nothing to tell it apart from the previous show. It’s like a travelling media circus populated with the corpses of various animals and you can smell the hype stink a mile off but even that’ll fade over the coming months and years.