Fuera de la Linea – street artists at a museum in Argentina

Jaz sent over these photos from Fuera de la linea, a show at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rosario in Argentina. Some great South American street artists have installations and canvases in this show. All the info can be found here. Here’s some photos of the show from Jaz:

Fefe Talavera and Jaz

Photos by Jaz


  • Sol Zam
  • I’m so happy that this event and Jaz made their way onto your (very nice) blog! Argentina’s–especially Buenos Aires’–street art scene is awesome all around. Unlike in London or Los Angeles, no one has to worry much about getting in trouble, so there’s really elaborate stuff popping up all over the place. And the tradition of political stencils is really rich too. The Rosario show was the first I know of to have brought so many of the country’s street artists together for a museum-sanctioned event, but the artists themselves organize giant public group events all the time. I’ve been covering Argentina’s street art scene a bit on my own blog (http://comoelpulpo.wordpress.com/); I think BA’s scene is one to watch!