Legal mural by Revok, Os G, Retna and others partially buffed in LA

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This is the start of a story about what happens when the buff men starts acting like graffiti writers and painting anywhere they wish…

LA TACO and Revok have the full story on their blogs (at least, what is known and has happened so far), but here’s the short version of this sad and seriously screwed up story: This legal mural in LA, painted last summer by Retna, Rime, Revok, Norm, Os Gêmeos and Saber, was partially buffed by a private graffiti removal company without the property owner’s permission or knowledge and entering the property required that the graffiti removal company break a fence on the property. This sucks and just shows, if this was done legally, how screwed up the legal system is when it comes to murals. I know there are some cities (such as, I think, NYC) where the city can buff pretty much whatever they want regardless of what the property owner would like to do. Of course, I’m not sure what’s more ironic: that the graffiti removal company basically graffiti-ed this mural themselves by buffing it without permission, or that people throughout the blogosphere (including me) are complaining about it. After all, the mural was painted by a bunch of writers… But I’m pretty sure that what the buff squad did is more ironic and screwed up. Luckily, the property owner was alerted to the damage and was able to stop the buff squad before the entire mural was lost.

Expect more on this in the next few days.

Photo by LA TACO

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  • Sweza

    RJ i don´t get you – in this actual case buffing is not ok, in the one below it was?

  • Sweza

    RJ i don´t get you – in this actual case buffing is not ok, in the one below it was?

  • RJ Rushmore

    Two COMPLETELY different situations Sweza. Couldn’t be more different.

    With the Blu situation, which was a decisions that I wasn’t happy about but which I think Deitch had the right to do, the property owner (MOCA) decided to paint over the mural. MOCA can do whatever the hell they want with their own walls, and Deitch can make curatorial decisions for shows in his museum. That’s similar to if this mural had been painted illegally and the property owner asked the graffiti removal guys to come by, or even if it had been painted legally but the property owner decided they hated it. It would be sad to have the wall painted over (as it was with Blu at MOCA), but it would be well within the expectations of the situation.

    Here the artists painted the wall legally, the property owner approved of the wall and wanted it to stay, but then the buff squad broke into her property and vandalized it without her permission.

  • Sweza

    “vandalizing without permission” i like that …