Preview of Retna’s “Hallelujah World Tour” in NYC

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Over the weekend, I got the chance to have an early peak of Retna‘s Hallelujah World Tour show, which opens later this week in NYC. The show is looking like a real next step for Retna. The work is big, beautiful and a definite evolution from what he’s been doing. Here’s a little preview:

Arrested Motion also previewed the show and has more images on their site.

Photos by RJ Rushmore

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  • His typo is disgustingly clean. I am constantly impressed with Retna’s style. Is the show coming to Philly?

  • No. Sounds like it will go to somewhere in Asia or the Middle East and also London.

  • Em

    Even though I’ll probably go check it out, I’m sceptical: I keep hearing about Retna but so far all the stuff I’ve seen in print looks, well, OK but nothing to write home about. Is this just a bunch of hype?

  • He gets hyped up and sometimes maybe overhyped a bit, but he generally deserves it. In person, a good Retna painting or print is breathtaking.

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