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Photo by Lord Jim

So with the Oscars less than a week away and an Oscar nomination under his belt, of course Banksy has hit up LA with some new work. Some of it’s good, some of it is barely worth a mention and all of it is getting lots of attention.

My personal favorite from this series of hits is the above billboard, the aftermath of which can be seen in this video. Expect it to show up on eBay any day now.

The other piece I really like is this Charlie Brown on a burnt out building:

Photo by Lord Jim

Hieronymus spotted the Charlie Brown piece getting covered by the property management company. His thoughts on the subject as well as on the general way that Banksy’s outdoor work has such a strange life these days are worth checking out. I would pretty much echo his sentiments. There’s also this video of the piece getting covered, but not much is clear except that the building owners want the work covered for now.

I think with either of those two pieces, they’d be worth mentioning even if they weren’t by Banksy, and that should be the measure by which his work is judged. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, and massive amounts of attention have also been paid to every new Banksy in LA, even the two mediocre ones. First, there’s Dog Wizz, which is kinda funny I guess but definitely not top-notch Banksy work:

Photo by Hieronymus

And then there’s this piece which looks to me like something Mr. Brainwash would dream up after looking at Banksy and Dran’s stuff for a bit too long:

Photo by Lord Jim

Besides being a really weak concept compared to the rest of Banksy’s work with kids drawing, there are a few crazy things about this crayon-gun stencil: It was first “discovered” by Lauren Conrad from The Hills and she posted a photo on her twitter. As Hrag speculates, this was pretty clearly staged for maximum publicity for both Lauren and Banksy. Additionally, there’s this painting by Nils Westergard from about a year ago that is pretty similar, so if you like this Banksy but can’t afford to hire somebody to chop a wall out for you, you can always buy the Westergard version on canvas for $500. I’m not saying that Banksy ripped off Westergard, just trying to point out how simple the concept of a crayon-gun is (then again, you could argue that the simple concepts are what makes some of Banksy’s art so good). Finally, I think it’s pretty hilarious to see Banksy fans loving this piece when the first thing it made me think of is that infamous Mr. Brainwash image of Elvis holding a toy gun instead of a guitar. Honestly, the concept of this piece seems so MBW-esque to me, even though the style is obviously Banksy’s. Oh, and it looks like somebody trashed this wall already.

So that’s Banksy’s most recent LA advertising campaign. Some good art and lots of hype. Hopefully it all works in his favor, because I’d still love to see him win that Oscar on Sunday. I just re-watched Exit Through The Gift Shop last week for the first time since the premiere, and I liked it more the second time around. It’s not a bad film.

Photos by Lord Jim and Hieronymus

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  • Sunrise

    Looks like you are not the only one that hate Bansky and Mr. Brainwash 🙂

  • Well I don’t mean to say that I hate Banksy.

  • leumasdarnley

    Banksy is a genius of whit but none of these pieces say anything to me. Actually outside of the fact that they are in Banksy fashion these don’t seem to be by the Banksy I know….

  • Gwenroberts

    Insightful and IN-SITE-FULL
    As you say, the art is imbedded in the site
    A Banksy dissected and put on the table (like a cadaver) loses its life
    Please write more . . .

  • Contact

    That Brown piece with gas can wasn’t covered – it was taken and that wood is covering the hole. It’s elsewhere on the web – video footage of a duo cutting and taking that away late at night.

  • Wow really? Any link to the video footage? That’s clever. Cover it during the day when people see it being covered to protect it temporarily and also hide what’s really going on, and then cut it out at night.

  • Found some supposed video footage. Unclear to me if it’s real though –

  • Found some supposed video footage. Unclear to me if it’s real though –

  • RWT2S

    Whats up with the car in the dog piss picture?

  • Em

    Eh. I always think expectations kill a lot of fun. I mean, it’s not like one had to stand in line to see these Banksys, or that Banksy placed them on the inside of anyone’s eyelids. They’re fun while they’re around but the moment you try to judge them according to some kind of “Genius” criteria (and banksy is interesting but not what I’d call a genius), well, then you’re in for disappointment.

  • Em

    Hey! What about the Tom Otterness ‘show’ opening today here in NYC!

  • The photo is a combo of two photos from different angles I think, so that more of the pee is shown.

  • Grafitero

    Someone claims to have got his face unveiled:

  • I am pretty confident that that isn’t actually a Banksy but instead someone inspired by Banksy or a stunt to make a video go viral for some reason.

  • it’s a ufo! Sight seeing Banksy is like seeing a UFO. People are so kind and insightfull arnt’ they. Like what is that? Like i don’t get it, i mean is it worth any money and stuff ? Like duh u know.

  • Actually yes it was first covered up, dude. The wood wasn’t covering a hole, i know was there. The ripping it out came 2 days later. Like get with what’s happening man. It’s up to the minute important news coverage going on here. Do you think he’s going to win the award, for like, best movie or like what? Like oh my god, what if. Like he’ll be so much more important and his work will be like so much more worth more and stuff. Like that would be sooo cooool. And stuff.

  • Banksy’s Gorilla with Pink Face mask painted – over pics and further info here