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December 5th, 2010 | By | 4 Comments »

While RJ lounges in the sun, I am freezing my tush off in London. Well, actually, not even in London to be honest; I’m in the midlands, which is why I missed all of the openings this week unfortunately. But I will be back tonight and will let RJ tell you guys all about Miami next week, which I am sure you are all looking forward to.

Anyways… here are some of my favorite works I saw this week. I couldn’t help but sneak in Miami ones; the work is beautiful.

Kenny Scharf's NYC mural via Gamma Blog

Ethos in Miami by Luna Park

Slicer and Resh via Oeildetat Flickr

Remi/Rough and Stormie Mills collaboration for Primary Flight in Miami

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  • Dave the Chimp

    “I hate silence more than anything sometimes”

    silence is like a new sheet of paper, a blank canvas, an empty wall

    it is essential in life

    it enables thoughts and ideas to take shape fully

    embrace the silence

    (I’ll shut up now 😉 )

  • Em

    I drove by the Kenny Scharf piece last night, and it looked wonderful. I hope it doesn’t get bombed.

    The wife asked how much the building would be worth with that mural on it and I mentioned the recent Banksy works out in the ruins of Detroit, and that this was a controversial question right now. I basically simplified and said, “No one really knows…”

  • RJ

    Well the Scharf mural isn’t actually on the wall. It’s on a false wall/hording sort of thing built to protect the Os Gemeos mural underneath.

  • Em

    Good to know the Os Gemeos piece is still there somewhere. They’ve been rather unrepresented here in NYC.

    The question is, however, what will be done with the Scharf piece when it’s time for it to go?

    Funny we don’t currently see such pieces (or by Shepard Fairey or WK interact or lots of others) as particularly significant. But like the destroyed Diego Rivera mural in Rockefeller Center, people in the future will wonder what we were thinking getting rid of some of this stuff.

    Tilted Arc, however, was a different matter…