Miami Madness

In a lot of ways, Hargo sums up Miami's art fair week

With so much of the art world migrating to Miami this week in a frenzy, there seem to be too many events and parties (and I promise not to blog about the parties in detail. This isn’t a gossip site) and exhibits and festivals and everything else to keep track of. Here’s a roundup of some of the things that I’m most interested in seeing (or not seeing).

Things that have already been mentioned on Vandalog:

And things that I haven’t already blogged about:

  • Elisa Carmichael has her list of Miami must-sees, which includes a Dan Witz book signing and a Trespass book signing with Marc and Sara from Wooster Collective and Carlo McCormick.
  • Sorry to bring this up, but Sanrio’s exhibition of Hello Kitty art is just annoying. They got some great artists like Jim Houser to paint Hello Kitty characters. I’ll be avoiding this show like the plague.
  • I mostly go for Ryan McGinness’ really abstract work and this isn’t that, but McGinness fans will probably want to check out his solo show.
  • Barry McGee will be showing work and signing books at Ratio 3’s book in Basel Miami.
  • Jonathan LeVine Gallery has a pop-up show as part of Wynwood Walls. Some of the artists include AJ Fosik, Judith Supine, Doze Green, Dan Witz and WK Interact.
  • FriendsWithYou are filling a park with giant blow-up sculptures.
  • Last year, OHWOW Gallery’s It Ain’t Fair show was one of the most interesting shows in Miami. Once again, they have a killer line up for the show including José Parlá, Rey Parlá (José’s brother who is, I believe, a filmmaker), KAWS, Phil Frost, Barry McGee and Neckface.
  • OHWOW Gallery are also opening a bookstore at The Standard Hotel in Miami.
  • New Image Art’s pop-up show includes Neckface, Judith Supine and Os Gêmeos. Probably going to be a must-see.
  • Tristan Eaton and his partners are launching Contra Projects with a wide-array of events this week including a tent/lounge space, a mural (by Mr. Jago, Tristan Eaton, Ron English and others) and a TrustoCorp carnival aka TrustoLand. More info on the Thunderdog blog.
  • Carmichael Gallery, Joshua Liner Gallery and others will have booths at SCOPE, and I think Maya Hayuk is painting a mural there, which should be awesome if I’m remembering that correctly.
  • And of course there’s all the fairs I haven’t mentioned, because there are just so many. So many. Too many. It’s gonna be art overload. But if I’ve missed anything that you think is particularly special, please leave a comment.

Photo by Hargo

  • Dave the Chimp

    how about you don’t talk about the parties at all, just the art. that way it’s harder for the haters to accuse you of profiting from the pr you give people on your blog.

    and well done for avoiding the Hello Kitty show!

    some praise from me at last 😉

  • 4444

    But if he doesn’t blog about the parties then won’t that be somewhat disrespectful to his corporate hosts? Surely the whole point of these events is to garner publicity for the sponsor, and so that’s the reciprocal arrangement you implicitly enter into when you decide to attend.

  • RJ

    Don’t worry guys, I don’t intend to blog about the parties at all unless something particularly interesting happens in which case I might mention it in passing (like last year when Fab5 Freddy showed up at the Livestrong party). Or maybe the vibe at the Wynwood Walls party will further help to illuminate my opinion of the project in general. I don’t know. But I don’t intend or expect to blog about the parties.

  • 4444

    The whole thing sounds grotesque to me, and about as far removed from what street art was originally about as it’s possible to be. They might as well just host it in Disney world.

  • Dave the Chimp

    ah, well that’s your mistake 4444, thinking that it’s about street art

    it’s business. people only spend money if there’s money to be made

    and not to seem like I’m shitting on your parade, I’m also talking about the art (fair) world in general

    the only place to see genuine, salt-of-the-earth “street art” is in the streets. it’s free, there’s nothing to buy, and there’s no negative creeps like me leaving comments 😉

  • 4444

    True enough, except this is Vandalog – ‘A Street Art Blog’, but yeah…I take your point, I’m obviously looking in the wrong place.

    I’d say that people do leave negative comments on the street though. It’s just a different type of commentary…as in going over your piece, buffing it etc.

  • RJ

    The entire thing is pretty grotesque. Definitely fun and every once in a while you see some art, but definitely grotesque. Primary Flight a bit less so though, IMO.