A few more from The Underbelly Project

SE3. Photo by Workhorse

I’ve got a few more exclusive pics to share from The Underbelly Project (previous posts here and here). Also, Ian Cox has uploaded some more pictures on his blog and there is a flickr group for the project.

SE3. Photo by Workhorse
WK Interact, SE3 and Eptic. Photo by PAC
SheOne. Photo by Ian Cox
Kid Zoom. Photo by Ian Cox

Photos by Workhorse, PAC and Ian Cox

  • Ludvig

    Shoulda kept the whole thing a secret. But, where’s the fame in that? Always comes back to the same thing…

    Great idea, but you’re always left to ponder the meaning of ‘projects’ such as this, There are props to be had for sure and someone is always gonna want them, ego always gets in the way. So now those who ‘organised’ this have got their props, but were naive to expect others not to be able to crack the spot if they could. And not all ‘others’ would be like minded. Destruction of the work was the only predictable end result.