Id-iom versus Invader

November 2nd, 2010 | By | 9 Comments »

Id-iom modified this piece in London by Invader with a tractor beam and a cow. Makes me chuckle. And on a deeper level, a nice example of how artists can interact with street art by other artists.

Photo by Id-iom

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  • RJ

    Yeah. Somebody should do a street art coloring book. Dave, do you know if anybody has ever done that?

    I actually saw the book in a store the other day here in Philly. More interesting than I’d expected.

  • spoons
  • Dave the Chimp

    I like the buffing picture. looks like one of those kids colouring books where you made the page wet and as if by magic the picture appeared.

    hmmmm…. now THERE’S an idea…

  • RJ
    interestingly that invader has inspired previous artistic modification and interaction. I don’t know who did this one, struck me as not a million miles from Momo.

  • RJ

    Oh yeah I forgot about that other piece. Could be MOMO, but I think it would be odd if MOMO came to London and just did that single piece.

  • NoLions

    sorry – I assumed the html off the flickr pic would put the pic in the comment box. lets try this

  • G. Alport

    Todd James has done a colouring book…

  • Dave the Chimp

    not with 78 contributors from around the world he ain’t, G!

    and anyway, his had breasts in it, whereas ours is for the kids (we weren’t allowed breasts 😉

    Stefan Marx has also done a colouring book, and From Here To Fame publishing just put out a “graffiti” one. If the kids who start painting in the streets in 10 to 15 years time don’t do some amazing work I’ll be very disappointed!!!

  • ugh i have had this picture on my phone for weeks! I could not figure out who it was. I hate when you are more on the ball with London stuff than I am. One day I will beat you ha