Weekend link-o-rama

BEST EVER X Deadleg in London

It’s been a crazy week in London. Moniker and all that. But here’s what has been going on with street art elsewhere:

Photo by unusualimage

  • 4444

    So a couple of legal murals done as part of art festivals, five gallery shows, a review of an art fair and something about some t-shirts. Yet you said this was about what’s going on in street art. I think you’re confused as to what that term actually means.

  • Viktor O

    Who cares? It’s his blog, he posts about whatever he wants… The blog is just as much about street artists (who happen to need to sell art to make a living) and their art on the street and elsewhere as it is about street art.

  • 4444

    Well, obviously *I* care Viktor. He posts what he wants, and I’ll comment what I want too, unless you think everybody should just shut up and agree all the time. There’s enough of that kind of thing going on around here as it is.

  • Viktor O

    Clearly you care 😉 Of course the option to comment is a way for you to voice your opinions and you should do so as often and as much as pleases you. I just think it would be more interesting to discuss the content of the post rather than what this blog should or should not be.

  • 4444

    My issue was to do with the content of the post though, and the fact that it was misrepresented. Never mind though, I can see that I’ve gone off-message and am clearly not following the party line like a good apparatchik, so from now on I’ll try to refrain from suggesting anything controversial such as that this blog has a heavily uncritical and commercial bias.

    In future I will restrict my comments to such illuminating insights such as “Wow!”, “Like, totally awwwsomeee!”, “Rad!” “Dope” “Heavy” “Wild” “Off the scale” “Siiiiiiicccccckkkk! dude” or “Where can I buy one?”

    I’ll also make sure that when I type these things that I’ll be wearing either the classic preppy outfit of chinos, ironed with a centre crease, tan brogues and a button down collar shirt…or else the de-rigueur Shoreditch twat/hipster ensemble, just in case anybody should doubt my commitment to the cause of urban art.

    All hail our glorious leader chairman Vandalog!

  • RJ

    There’s a lot to respond to and I’m not likely to change anybody’s mind with a comment or two, so, for all you haters out there, check out one of my favorite street art blogs: Street Art Is Dead (http://streetartdead.blogspot.com/). I think you’ll enjoy it.

  • Dave the Chimp

    I kind of agree with 4×4

    I was going to post here because I just realised how crass a “street art” fair is. Street art is art made in the street. It is not a screen print. It is not a gallery show. It is not a t-shirt, a vinyl toy, or any of that other shit. It is art made in the street. If it’s not in the street then it is simply “art” (well, most of it ISN’T “art”, but let’s keep this simple)

    If you really love street art as you claim, then stop posting info about the latest show or book you’ve received pr about, stop showing photos of art fairs, stop showing shit from other blogs, stop kissing arse so that everyone will be your friend. GET OUT IN THE STREET, DISCOVER STUFF YOURSELF, GET DIRTY, LIVE IN THE REAL FUCKING WORLD!

    oh, and Victor, “street artists” don’t need to sell work to pay the rent. They can pay the rent the same way as 99% of other artists do – by getting a fucking job! I’ve been painting in the street for 12 years, and almost none of the money I’ve had for paying rent in that time has come from selling art! You make art in the street because you love to make art in the street, not as a way of getting a gallery show, proving you’re “real”, or any of that bullshit.

    gah! I’m sorry to raise my voice kids, but you’ve all lost sight of what this shit was about. We were trying to get art in front of the eyes of people that would never step in a gallery, to show them things they wouldn’t ordinarily see, to give them something else to think about than the three S’s (screens, sport, sex) that governments use to keep everyone sedated (not conspiracy theory, America used it in Germany, Italy and Japan after WWII, look it up) to try and make everyone use their brains more, think more, think in different ways. When people use their brains more, educate themselves, that’s when revolutions happen, that’s when things change.

    But you’ve all fucked it up. You’ve made it into just another part of consumer society. Another part of capitalism. By hankering after the latest 27 colour screen print. The new iPhone app. The latest shit. By only consuming street art through the internet. You’ve killed it. All you bloggers. All you buyers. You’ve made street art into the latest hype, the latest fashion, the latest trend that will die like every other trend.
    It’s in galleries now. It’s in art fairs that charge you to see what should be free in the streets. It’s fucked. People that could have been revolutionaries have become the establishment because you helped them grow rich and fat and lazy. And those true to the cause have become so sickened by the circus of fakes that they are working in warehouses, factories, pubs, and keeping their art to themselves. They hate you. You stabbed us in the back. We gave you so much love, so much of our time, we took risks for you, poured our energy into your eyes and hearts, and all you care about is what you can BUY, what you can OWN, what will make you LOOK COOL for the next two seconds of your empty, desperate lives. Well fuck you. Go take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut. You shallow, desperate, fucking losers. You murderers.
    This world is turning into hell, and you are stoking the fires.

    Now go buy my latest book and my street art socks so I can afford to feed my kid – maybe he can be a revolutionary where you all failed…

  • Best Edward

    Hi RJ, Can you re credit the piece BEST EVER X Deadleg or similar?

    Cheers, hope all is well…