This is going to be awesome… Moniker International Art Fair

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Way back at the beginning of August, I mentioned that the Moniker International Art Fair would be starting in London this year as a street art alternative to Frieze. Basically, some of the world’s top urban, street and low-brow art galleries have been brought together and will be exhibiting under one roof from October 14th-17th at Village Underground in Shoreditch. Galleries with booths include New Image Art, Campbarbossa, Black Rat Projects, Carmichael Gallery and more. Additionally, there will be project spaces from artists like Ben Eine and Polly Morgan.

They’ve just released this new animated video for the fair:

While our friends at VNA are officially sponsoring the fair, we here at Vandalog have a bit of involvement as well. Elisa Carmichael is obviously going to be there for Carmichael Gallery, Steph Keller is currently interning with Moniker and I’m organizing something small with them as well which will be announced soon, so you can be sure that we’ll be posting a lot about the fair in the coming weeks.

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  • Really ?

    Am I the only person out there that isn’t excited by the prospect of a one time director of TLSG and one of the pioneers of the ‘here’s a piece of art I bought last week that you can now buy from me for six times the price’ online gallery racket getting together to sell high priced art urban art in a shoreditch carpark?

    Not even that lovely little plagiarism filled video advert can convince me that this isn’t the art event equivalent of throwing up a little bit in your own mouth.


  • RJ

    Project spaces from ESPO, Polly Morgan, Herakut, Titifreak and others. Whatever you think about the event organizers or the galleries involved, I think it’s hard to complain about the project spaces. But I think it comes down to something pretty simple: if you are generally against the commercialization of street art, you’re not going to like Moniker. If you don’t mind the commercialization of street art, Moniker will probably be pretty awesome.

    (ps, sorry it took me so long to approve your comment. I was just getting to sleep as you posted it.)

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