Brad Downey’s latest: The prank of an evil genius and/or brilliant art

What is there to say about this latest piece from Brad Downey? I figure this is either something devised by an evil genius or a brilliant urban interventionist, or a bit of both. This might make me a bad person, but I’m definitely laughing. What do you think? The first image is a “before” and below is the “after.”

This was done in Essen, Germany and was paid for by Hacking the City.

Photos courtesy of Brad Downey

  • sven

    this one was on the web already three weeks ago:

  • 1- I love this and hope this wasn’t anyone’s bike because that would be the worst prank ever

    2- brad downey is my new hero

    3- it is such a smart prank. It actually took me a little while to figure out what the prank was. Ok, so maybe it wasn’t smart and I am just a bit thick.

  • Emma bryant

    It does take a few minutes to suss out but when you do, it’s just so clever. Simpley perfect. Well captured!

  • chimp

    because that person has lost their bicycle forever, unless they can convince the museum to hire them a lift to get their bike back (the way Brad put the bike there in the first place)
    I saw this done for real in London on a few occasions. Not as art, but as the hateful action of small minded people
    I guess the difference between hate and art is museums pay for the later
    I’m pretty disgusted at this piece (these pieces), pretty disgusted that people think it’s in some way clever
    but then I’m pretty disgusted by most of what human kind does to hurt it’s fellows, so no news there…