New Monuments by Specter

Specter continues with his street sculpture monuments with these two new pieces. These works are an intriguing consideration of street culture and street objects. Taking these readymades produced by happenstance and isolating them into considerate abstractions. Inevitably such pieces bring the awareness back to the simple moments that exist in our everyday surroundings.
via LunaPark

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  • monumental, no. A monument, yes.

  • Brad

    A sculpture, yes. A monument, not really.

  • yote

    Specter statement via UNURTH

    “The four pieces are specifically aimed at street workers to honor the art in their work and themselves. Placing the sculptures in parks, squares and underpasses that are crossroads for the general public and street workers allows viewers to celebrate the worker’s elegance and determination.”

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  • here and elsewhere is a metaphysical conundrum

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  • brad

    @Yote, no of course not 🙂 Downey is smarter than that. Ok Folks I am out of here, won’t be leaving any nasty comments anymore. That’s a public apology and I know i won’t be missed. Love you all xxx.

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    We would prefer to have you here and elsewhere Brad. Too many people loving everything. Been there done that.

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