Kolown in the woods

Kolown is an artist in the Philippines. Somebody is probably going to tell me that carving into trees is very damaging to them, but I’m not totally sure if it is or not, so in the mean time, I’m loving this face that Kolown has carved. It’s nice now, but I’d be interested to see what this tree looks like in 1, 5 or even 10 years. Ideally, I guess the face would be preserved, but it wouldn’t be immediately apparent that it was man-made.

Photo by Kolown

  • RJ

    Thanks Reice. Good to know.

  • Reice

    Yo I’m an arborist, and a load of scratches this deep won’t cause any long term damage to the tree – any deeper and they could lead to a disease getting in, but these shouldn’t be able to allow something like that.

    Not suggesting thats its alright for all writers to go out etchin’ up trees, but this is a nice idea and a sick piece. Props.