TrustoCorp signs

UPDATE: Hello traffic from reddit and stumbleupon. If you like this post, I did a similar one a few months ago about similar kinds of signs by other artists. Check it out here.

TrustoCorp seems to be a new street artist or artists who specialize in clever signs. So far I’ve seen them in New York and Miami. I really enjoy street art like this, as much of their work could probably pass as actual signs put up by city workers (at first glance).

Photo by Ken Harman

Photos by Ken Harman and TrustoCorp

  • RJ

    Personally, I think that the misspelling was intentional. After all, these signs make the government look like idiots, so why not make it look like the government can’t spell.

  • grammer police



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  • spelling police


    If you’re going to correct others, please try not to make an ass of yourself in the process.

  • owen bradley

    remember our fore fathers settled this land because they didn’t want to pay there taxes

  • @grammer police

    Well firstly, that’s spelling, not grammar and secondly you spelt grammar wrong.

  • Jon

    Really, no snitching? This guy is a fucking idiot. The whole no snitching this is complete bullshit. Young black males are being murdered (by other young black males) every day and it’s continuing to happen because of this “no snitching” bullshit. When will this community wake the hell up and stop listening to racist pigs like Sharpton and Jackson who only hold them down.

  • anon


    You missed a comma. And no, it really is grammer. Who gives a shite about speeling?

  • John


  • Joy

    The comments are more hysterical than the post!!!

  • Ryan

    I like the idea, but they don’t look like a real street-sign. I hate the no snitching one, it reminds me of some murals in Northern Ireland that basically said if you voiced bad opinions of some of the local paramilitaries you would end up mysteriously dead in some ally. I stumbled here so I am probably not part of the core readership of this blog, but its not like any gang is going to be better then the government no matter how corrupt they get. Just my opinion, but I’ll call the cops whenever I feel like it.

  • ogman

    New sign:

    “Murder Dumbass Artists.”

    with a “No Snitching” sign right under it.

  • Love it all around.

  • thelee

    hahahahaha ogman. genius.

  • Doris

    ACTUALLY, Anon, it IS “grammar” in the English language. If you would like to use an “e” in that word, go to France.

  • Chris

    I’m pretty sure that the ‘no snitching’ sign was just a joke done for irony. Yes, it definitely came across poorly, but the people who posted these are street artists, not gangsters or militants. At worst, they meant, “don’t get people arrested for petty vandalism or graffiti”, which their stuff technically is, but I think they were going for dark ironic humor (a ‘public service announcement’ with a gang slogan on it).

    The rest of this is really good. I particularly liked “Real men use fists”. It seems almost like something the city would put up in a neighborhood with really bad gun crime.

  • Lee

    I dig the concept and execution, but yeah the no snitching thing is bullshit. Especially considering the cat that put these signs up is unlikely someone who has to live with violence on a daily basis. It’s easy for some hipster to stand from afar and make such strong statements; attempting to gain “street cred” by parroting misguided and damaging anti-establishment garbage.

  • RJ

    I’ve got to disagree with what most people have been saying about the “no snitching” sign. I agree with Chris, it’s definitely intended as dark ironic humor. Obviously these are meant to be humorous, not serious. For example, I don’t think “Broke is the new black” is what the artists actually believe, but instead a comment on hipster society, and “no snitching” is a similar comment.

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  • …420…

    everyone that is bashing the “no snitching” sign clearly are losers that have no actual understanding of the idea of “no snitching”

    and the majority of people in the “ghetto” if you will,don’t necessarily adhere to the ideology of “no snitching” but are simply exhibiting self preservation,due to them actually having to live in said ghetto…

    “but you have to stand up and fight the gangs!!!!”
    that idealism is far from practical,its easy to say when you’re not at risk of being killed.

    you rat bastards…

  • Idiot

    I like how everyone is so caught up in making each other look stupid…. Your argument’s are pointless. 🙂 But have a good day.

  • Trustno Corp

    The fact that they put their logo on all this lame visual clutter is evidence of some expectation of reward down the road other than self-satisfaction. It’s not art, it’s just more tiresome viral marketing. Now it’s, “Hey, look at me!”; soon it’ll be, “Hey, buy our t-shirts!”



  • MrJM

    If you can’t spell correctly, go back to Russia.

    — MrJM

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  • UncleMorris

    In Soviet Russia, grammar spells you!

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  • All of these signs are funny as hell and some of the post are just as funny.

  • All of these signs are funny as hell and some of the post are just as funny.

  • Estillings


  • The Real Grammar Police

    You have grammar spelled wrong in your name…