I’m Not Searching For A Neate

This is killing me, and I’m sure it’s killing Harry at Artbleat too. We can’t go searching for Adam Neate pieces tonight. Why not? Well I dunno about Harry, but I’m stuck in St. Louis at a conference on high school journalism. Well, stuck here is a bit harsh, I’m glad to be here, I’d just also like my own Adam Neate. Ha.

I can’t be more excited and surprised with how this project is working out for Neate. Sure his dropping 1000 pieces in one night is a big deal, but he’s had coverage in the Independent, and even on CNN and the BBC. Maybe I’ll hire his publicist for Vandalog.

The question is though, will the “average-Joe” be out looking for paintings. Sure they’ve heard about the event, but do they have the time and the interest to actually leave their homes or change their plans to go hunting around London for something they probably won’t find?

I hope so, but I’m not sure. Two of my friends have emailed me after reading The Independent or watching CNN. One of them likes street art, but mostly just because I like it too. He comes to openings with me on occasion, and he loves Connor Harrington’s work, but he doesn’t remember Connor’s name. The other, who may be doing a few posts on Vandalog soon, is going out searching tonight.

On the whole though, I’d say that most people will be like my first friend and just go to the pub tonight. If they see a piece outside the Churchill Arms or wherever, great, they’ll pick it up (and lord it over me forever), but otherwise, whatever.

Adam Martin at Beautiful Crime is going to twitter/liveblog locations as they are discovered, so make sure to follow his updates if you are looking for where these pieces are being dropped. Maybe you’ll be able to guess where the next drops will be.

For those of you reading this on your way out the door to find your own Neate piece, good luck.

And for those reading this with a new shrink-wrapped piece of cardboard sitting next to you, or just an empty space on your wall that you thought was going to be filled tonight, send me an email (rj (*at*) vandalog (dot) com) or comment on this post. I’d love to hear how it all went.