NoseGo for 1xRun

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I’m super excited today to talk about this print that NoseGo is doing with 1xRun. The good folks at 1xRun asked me for a few ideas of who I thought would be a good fit for them, and NoseGo immediately came to mind. And then, I saw this painting (Tall Tales) posted on NoseGo’s Instagram and thought “God, I hope whatever he does for 1xRun is as good as this.” I don’t usually love NoseGo’s pieces that include dinosaurs, but I do love Tall Tales (okay, I guess the Loch Ness Monster isn’t a dinosaur but you get my point). I especially like the little TV character. Tall Tales is an all-around strong image from a young artist whose work I’ve really fallen in love with over the last year or so. NoseGo says the painting “is based on ideas of folklore and story telling between generations.”

The print version of Tall Tales will be available starting today at 1xRun for $50. The print is an edition of 50 and measures 14 x 18 inches.

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NoseGo 5000 miles apart

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NoseGo has been quite a jetsetter this month. The above mural was painted in LA thanks to Branded Arts and Thinkspace Gallery, and then he headed off to Newcastle, England for his show at Unit 44, where he painted this piece:


Photos by NoseGo

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Thinkspace invades Philadelphia

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LA’s Thinkspace Gallery was just in Philadelphia guest-curating a show at Gallery 309. Looks like the opening was absolutely packed, and with good reason. The show, LAX/PHL, includes installation from NoseGo and work by La Pandilla, Pixelpancho and many more. It’s open now through June 21st. I can’t wait to stop by myself as soon as I finish my exams.

La Pandilla

Alexis Diaz of La Pandilla





Photos by Daniel Weintraub

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NoseGo at Unit44

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NoseGo is in Newcastle this week for his very first UK solo show. The Marvelous Clash opens tonight at 7pm at Unit 44. I’m so glad that the UK is finally getting some NoseGo.


Photos courtesy of NoseGo

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Weekend link-o-rama

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Smells, Cash4, Don Pablo Pedro and Keely

Smells, Cash4, Don Pablo Pedro and Keely

Last class of the school year yesterday. Now for finals. Can’t wait… Here are some distractions in case you’re in a similar boat:

  • NoseGo has some new prints available today with Unit44. These are not giclee prints, but rather archival pigment prints, a significant step up in quality as I understand it.
  • The fantastic ceramic street artist Carrie Reichardt is organizing this show in London.
  • Great sculptural installation and indoor mural by Pixel Pancho in Mexico City.
  • Loving this collaboration between Kofie and El Mac.
  • S.butterfly has photos of the Bom.K show in Paris. Wish I could see this one in person.
  • And Kaws has a solo show in Tokyo at the moment. It’s Kaws, so feel free to check out the photos, but you pretty much knows what’s coming.
  • JR and José Parlá collaborated on a mural on the outside of Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, where they have a two-man show opening next week. Glad to see Parlá working outdoors, but it always strikes me as a bit odd since he tries to distance his work from graffiti. I guess when there’s a show to promote… Although to be fair, the show is about a series of collaborative murals that JR and Parlá made together in Cuba.
  • JR’s Inside Out project booth in Times Square is a huge hit. He’s been covering the street with photos of people who stop by his little photobooth, and it looks awesome. The billboards in Times Square were even (briefly) given over to JR for the project. The whole thing is a fight against outdoor ads and for public spaces for the public, but JR manages to make his point without beating people over the head with politics. Instead, JR just shows people a better world and makes them smile. I’m not a JR fanatic, but I absolutely love this project.

Photo by Hrag Vartanian

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Thinkspace curates a show at Gallery 309 in Philly

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Dabs Myla

LA’s Thinkspace Gallery is coming to my city of Philadelphia soon for a show they’ve curated at Philadelphia’s Gallery 309. LAX / PHL will include work from dozens of artists including Dabs Myla, Gaia, Ghostpatrol, La Pandilla, and Pixel Pancho, but the highlight is likely to be an installation by NoseGo. Thinkspace Gallery is suggesting that this show includes artists from the “New Contemporary Art Movement.” I call it that movement “The artists that Juxtapoz might cover,” but whatever. The point is, there’s gonna be a lot of really impressive artwork at this show.

LAX / PHL opens on Saturday, May 11th from 6-10pm, and runs through June 21st. There will be a second opening reception on June 7th from 6-10pm to coincide with Philadelphia’s First Friday art events.

Photo courtesy of Thinkspace Gallery

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NoseGo solo show opening this week in Philadelphia

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Yis Goodwin aka NoseGo has a solo show opening this week at Philadelphia’s James Oliver GalleryColossal The Small opens on Saturday from 6-10pm. Should be a good one. Fecal Face has a preview of the show.

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Very Nearly Almost issue 21

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I can’t wait to get my copy of Very Nearly Almost issue #21. This time around, VNA have spoken with Miss Van, Faith47, Dal, Rone and others, but I’m most looking forward to their interview with NoseGo, which was conducted by Vandalog’s Caroline Caldwell. You can pick up a copy of VNA here.


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Weekend link-o-rama

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Okay Christmas and new years are over. Let’s get back to real life.

Photo by Jake Dobkin

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Weekend link-o-rama

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Well, it’s a slow week, but not completely silent. Here’s a bit of what we missed:

Photo by Liqen


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