ÑEWMERICA: Birth of a Nation at Exit Room NY with LNY, Icy & Sot, ND’A, Mata Ruda and Sonni

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LNY, El Prieto

LNY, El Prieto

Somewhat reminiscent of RAE’s remarkable recreation of an East Village bodega, Exit Room NY’s current exhibit, ÑEWMERICA: Birth of a Nation, focuses on the endangered bodega. In addition to a impressive installation recreating a bodega that is about to give way to a Bank of America, the exhibit features dozens of artworks by the members of the newly launched collective, ÑEWMERICA. Here’s a sampling:

Icy and Sot refashion bottles and cigarette boxes

Icy and Sot refashion bottles and cigarette boxes

Bodega exterior, collaborative installation

Bodega exterior, collaborative installation



Mata Ruda, The Passage to Cosmos

Mata Ruda, The Passage to Cosmos

Sonni, El Tio Colorido

Sonni, El Tio Colorido

LNY, When he dies, Judith will bury him in the Gucci store

LNY, When he dies, Judith will bury him in the Gucci store

The exhibit continues through this week at 270 Meserole Street in Bushwick; check the Exit Room NY Facebook page for hours.

Photos by Lois Stavsky

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ND’A paints a door in Little Italy

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ND’A painted the latest piece at The L.I.S.A. Project NYC (co-curated by Wayne Rada and I) this week in NYC’s Little Italy. He painted on a door that was last painted by Bishop203 earlier this year. I probably shouldn’t write this, but this is honestly my second favorite piece I’ve helped to organize in Little Italy so far. The first is of course Ron English’s massive Temper Tot, but I think ND’A really outdid himself here. I hope everyone walking down Mulberry Street this summer is as big a fan of ND’A's work as I am.

Also, we just started a Facebook page for The L.I.S.A. Project NYC.

More photos after the jump… Read the rest of this article »

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Up on the Roof: Ever, Sonni and ND’A

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For the last week, Argentinian artists Ever and Sonni, along with Brooklyn-based ND’A, have been at work on a Williamsburg, Brooklyn rooftop. I’m loving the results. Here are a few more images I captured yesterday evening:



ND'A at work

ND’A at work

ND'A, Sonni and Ever

ND’A, Sonni and Ever

ND'A completed

ND’A completed piece — later in the evening

Photos by Lois Stavsky

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Welling Court Mural Project launches fourth year

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Caleb Neelon & Katie Yamasaki, photo by Lois Stavsky

Caleb Neelon & Katie Yamasaki. Photo by Lois Stavsky.

For the fourth consecutive year Ad Hoc Art has brought dozens of artists to the Welling Court community in Astoria, Queens, transforming it into a first-rate open air museum. Here’s a small sampling of what could be seen this weekend:

Queen Andrea, photo Lois Stavsky

Queen Andrea. Photo Lois Stavsky.

Veng at work on collaborative mural with Chris, RWK. Photo by Tara Murray

Veng at work on collaborative mural with Chris, RWK. Photo by Tara Murray.

Kimyon Huggins. Photo by Lois Stavsky

Kimyon Huggins. Photo by Lois Stavsky.

Kosbe. Photo by Tara Murray

Kosbe. Photo by Tara Murray.

JC. Photo by Lois Stavsky

JC. Photo by Lois Stavsky.

Mata Ruda & N'DA. Photo by Lois Stavsky

Mata Ruda & ND’A. Photo by Lois Stavsky.

Icy & Sot. Photo by Lois Stavsky

Icy & Sot. Photo by Lois Stavsky.

El Kamino. Photo by Lois Stavsky

El Kamino. Photo by Lois Stavsky.

If you are anywhere near NYC, a visit to Welling Court is a must!  The diversity of the works and the responses of the local residents to them are astounding. And if you’d like to help fund this project, check this out.

Photos by Lois Stavsky and Tara Murray

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OverUnder and ND’A in Little Haiti in Miami

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During the Art Basel Miami madness, OverUnder and ND’A painted this large wall in the neighborhood of Little Haiti, so this post is a bit late but we couldn’t let this collaboration slip by us. Everything about this mural is representative of something unique about OU and ND’A's experience. The mural features padlocks since this wall was actually a chance find on the side of a hardware store while the two were looking for another wall. The mural is filled with Haitian imagery that the local people of Haitian descent might appreciate, like hibiscus flowers, arrows found on Haitian flag, and the Liberty Cap on the main figure.

The main figure is a man that the two met on their first day, who had been living under a bridge and who spoke highly of the effect street art has had on the area.





Photos by OverUnder

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Labrona and friends in Miami

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Omen, Five and Labrona

Omen, Five and Labrona. Click to view large.

Labrona sent over some photos from his time in Miami last month, including some collaborations (with Omen and Five), work by his friends (Miss Me and Kin), and the latest En Masse wall. En Masse is a collaborative project based in Montreal where artists draw together in black and white, similar to the American project Paint It Now.

Labrona and others with En Masse

Labrona and others for En Masse

Labrona and

Labrona and others for En Masse

Miss Me

Miss Me

Miss Me and Kin

Miss Me and Kin

Photos courtesy of Labrona

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Sunday link-o-rama

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NEKST. Photo by C-Monster

NEKST. Photo by C-Monster.net

So much news this week, but first and foremost is the untimely death of NEKST, a globally respected writer.

Photo by C-Monster.net

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ND’A, OverUnder & LNY at Bushwick 5 Points

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OverUnder and LNY at work

Bushwick 5 Points has quickly become one of NYC’s most exciting and enticing open-air galleries. ND’A, OverUnder and LNY, three of my favorite street artists, have recently been gracing its walls. Here are some captured these past two days:

ND’A at work

OverUnder at work, close-up

OverUnder — complete — and LNY

Photos by Tara Murray and Lois Stavsky

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“Just My Type” @ Bushwick’s Low Brow Artique

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Opening this evening from 7 to 10 pm at Bushwick’s Low Brow Artique at 143 Central Ave is Just My Type, an exhibit featuring the work of four Brooklyn-based artists — Gilf!, Dirty Bandits, ND’A and QRST — who utilize typography in their artworks. Ranging from the playful to the poignant in a variety of styles and media, the pieces often amuse and always provoke. Coordinated by Low Brow Artique’s resident curator, Rhiannon Platt, the exhibit continues through October 7th.

Images clockwise: Gilf! close-up, photographed by Lois Stavsky; QRST photographed by Tara Murray; Dirty Bandits on postcard courtesy of Low Brow Artique and ND’A photographed by Lois Stavsky

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Weekend link-o-rama

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Aryz in Næstved, Denmark. Click to view large.

Just a question: Anyone wish an air-conditioned home want to trade places with me until things cool down? Anyway, here’s some linkage to what’s been going on with art this week:

Photo by Henrik Haven

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