PUBLIC – Art in the City – FORM – Western Australia

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A little while ago I heard whispers of something big happening in Perth, Western Australia. I usually only cover Melbourne based art and events, but this is an exception and needs to be shared. I’m heading over to Perth tomorrow so I will be covering the remainder of the event for Vandalog.

PUBLIC started on the 5th of April and continues through to the 13th and will feature street art, projections and installations across the city. 45 amazing artists will paint over 30 giant murals and walls over the fortnight.

The line up is mind blowing and an Australian first, with names like 2501, Phlegm, Yandell Walton, Hayley Welsh, Jordan Seiler, Jerome Davenport, Amok Island, Ian Mutch, Casey Ayres, Chris Nixon, Darren Hutchens, Martin E Wills, Paul Deej, Daek William, Stormie Mills, Hurben, ROA, Ever, Kyle Hughes-Odgers, Peche, Natasha Muhl, Phibs, Beastman, Lucas Grogan, Andrew Frazer, Hyuro, Mekel, Mow Skwoz, Drew Straker, Jaz, Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, Maya Hayuk, Reko Rennie, Pixel Pancho, Jetsonorama, Gaia, Alexis Diaz, Nathan Beard, Remed, Vans the Omega, The Yok and Sheryo and more.

Here’s a couple of work in progress shots I stole from Sam Gorecki via Invurt. More here.

Pixel Pancho - Photo by Sam Gorecki

Pixel Pancho

Phlegm - Photo by Sam Gorecki


ROA - Photo by Sam Gorecki


Phibs - Photo by Sam Gorecki


The Yok and Sheryo - Photo by Sam Gorecki

The Yok and Sheryo

Maya Hayuk - Photo by Sam Gorecki

Maya Hayuk

Lucas Grogan - Photo by Sam Gorecki

Lucas Grogan

More to come once I get to Perth.

Photos by Sam Gorecki

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Wall\Therapy, the finished products

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This year’s Wall\Therapy festival is winding down in Rochester, NY, so let’s have a look at the finished work (although a few were already covered by Daniel’s posts). There are a few really killer pieces, including this piece by Ever that I haven’t seen professional photos of yet, and some legal work along abandoned train tracks which is really interesting, but I’m not sure about this spot that looks like a little hall-of-fame setup. Those are valuable to have, but I personally wouldn’t put one in a mural festival these days. Still, plenty of good work all around, and I love that there are way more old-school writers at Wall\Therapy than just about any other mural festival I’ve ever seen besides perhaps a Meeting of Styles event. Conor Harrington knocked it out of the park, and Jessie and Katey did a simple but really effective piece.

Conor Harrington

Conor Harrington



Jessie & Katie

Jessie & Katey

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Wall\Therapy firsthand – Part 4

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Adam Francey in progress

Adam Francey in progress

This is part 4 in Daniel “Halopigg” Weintraub‘s series of posts from Rochester’s Wall\Therapy mural festival. You can read part 1 here, part 2 here and part 3 here.

With just a few days in town left, I decided to make my Thursday a whirlwind tour through Rochester, and now that I am sitting here thinking about it, I have a feeling that Friday will be much of the same.

I started off my day almost exactly like I did on Wednesday, by checking out the progress on the Daleast mural. I was impressed by the progress that I saw but Dal still had a big section of the wall that he needed to bang out. I was told Thursday evening that the wall is complete and that I had to go see the mural in the morning.

Gaia in progress

Gaia in progress

My travels then brought me all around town, specifically the South Wedge section of Rochester. The South Wedge is where cashril plus, Gaia, Conor Harrington, Freddy Sam, Thievin’ Stephen, Cern, Mike Ming, and Adam Francy all have murals. It was really cool to see cashril plus’ mural being that the dude is still in his mid teens! Look out for this guy as he progresses though life. He has the right genes being that he is Faith47′s son.

After a quick lunch it was back into the abandoned subway tunnel to try to catch Roa finishing his North American Skunk. While I was unsuccessful in this venture, I was able to catch some graffiti legends rocking a sick piece. Daze, Binho, and Pose2 rocked a sick wall towards of the end of the natural light in the tunnel; the burner, if you will, is a sick blend of old school letters and characters, my favorite!


Pose2 in progress

Pose2 and Binho

Pose2 and Binho

Pose2, Binho and Daze

Pose2, Binho and Daze

Wise2 from Kenya then came down and rocked a throwie as I called it. His combination of stencils and freehand spray painting brought his African mask to life in under an hour!


Another highlight was getting to see local FUA Krew member Cruk rock a sick burner. I am much better versed in the “Street Art” game so whenever I can get a writer to teach me more about graffiti and train painting culture I am always excited. Cruk spent about a day on his burner, which includes found object that are sprayed and then used as part of the installation. While he may not be an official part of the Wall\Therapy team it is easy to see that the locals are pretty down with the cause.



After a quick run to check out the finished Freddy Sam mural, it was off the see LNY as he continued on his wall. Lunar New Year was in the zone when I showed up and I didn’t want to distract the man.

LNY in progress

LNY in progress

LNY in progress

LNY in progress

Martha Cooper then me if I’d been to Ever’s wall, and it was at this point which I realized that I had not seen it yet! My timing could not have been better. He had about 30 minutes of work left and I was able to spend that time on the lift with him as he finished a few details on the wall.

Ever in progress

Ever in progress

The mural is beautiful and kind of trippy, and if you know anything about me you would know that I dig on that combination. The wall itself is very wide and for someone with only an iPhone and an almost nice camera it was fairly difficult to shoot. Hope you like my picstitch!

After visiting Ever’s wall it was off for another night of dinner, drinking, and dancing. This time it included a late night bonfire with local artists, score!

Thievin' Stephen in progress

Thievin’ Stephen in progress

Photos by Daniel “Halopigg” Weintraub

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Up on the Roof: Ever, Sonni and ND’A

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For the last week, Argentinian artists Ever and Sonni, along with Brooklyn-based ND’A, have been at work on a Williamsburg, Brooklyn rooftop. I’m loving the results. Here are a few more images I captured yesterday evening:



ND'A at work

ND’A at work

ND'A, Sonni and Ever

ND’A, Sonni and Ever

ND'A completed

ND’A completed piece — later in the evening

Photos by Lois Stavsky

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“The Talking Walls of Buenos Aires” a show in DC of some of Argentina’s leading street artists

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Tester artwork Talking Walls 'Pintar Rejas'

“Pintar Rejas” by Tester

Latin America seems like a treasure trove of street art and graffiti. I could spend hours on end looking through these works through groups on Flickr. But for people like me who can’t see it in person, that seems to be the only way to tap into that vibrant and energetic scene. In the last 2 years, I’ve come to know and love a few Argentinian street artists (a few of whom will be featured in this show) but I’m aware that there are so many others who I have yet to come across!

The Talking Walls of Buenos Aires is a group show curated by Graffitimundo, which is based around just that – bringing works by a few of Argentina’s leading street artists to a gallery in Washington DC. Opening July 13th at 6pm at The Fridge gallery, you can catch the work of Buenos Aires Stencil, Cabaio Stencil, Chu, Defi, Ever, Fede Minuchin, Gualicho, Jaz, Malatesta, Mart, Pastel, Pedro Perelman, Poeta, Prensa La Libertad, Pum Pum, Roma, Stencil Land, Sonni, Tec and Tester.

Mart Talking Walls


Photos courtesy of Graffitimundo

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Ever at The Painted Desert Project

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peyote 1 copy 2

“Plastic exercise to describe the alteration of reality”

Ever, Alexis Diaz of La Pandilla and Brian Barneclo just wrapped up their visit to The Painted Desert Project, a mural project in the Navajo Nation organized by Jetsonorama. Most of the work for the project is painted on the small stands that pepper the roadside. I’ll be posting more from the project over the next couple of days, but to start with, here’s what Ever painted.

Click to view large

“The people pray to the goddess of crops.” Click to view large.

Photos courtesy of Jetsonorama

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Ever prints at Each / One

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Fans of Ever, it’s time to rejoice. I’m a sucker for affordable art, and Each / One is providing just that right now with 7 prints measuring 11 x 14 inches and available for just $20 each. The idea behind Each / One is that releases are limited not by quantity but by time. So, these prints are available now, but after May 28th, no more will be printed. So it’s still a limited release, just in a slightly different way than we’re used to with prints.

Ever’s show on Each / One, Fallas en el Sistema – Technical Flaws, is on now through May 28th. Be sure to have a look before you forever miss your chance to pick up one of these prints at a great price.

Explanation of personal contradictions

Images courtesy of Ever

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Ever and Roa in Buenos Aires

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Roa was staying with Ever in Buenos Aires recently and during that time they collaborated on this mural. As Ever explains, the mural is entitled “The people feed communism to the beast”. Ever says that the mural is a metaphor to be deciphered which he jokes that Roa explains as “the Chinese eat weird animals”.


Roa Ever (1 of 3)

Photos by Ever

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Ever, 2501, and Pixelpancho side by side

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Ever, 2501, Pixelpancho and (below) El Topo. Photo courtesy of Ever. Click to view large.

This recent collaboration in Miami includes some of 2012′s breakthrough street artists sharing a wall: Ever, 2501, and Pixelpancho, plus a base (although I don’t have a good photo of this part of the wall unfortunately) by El Topo.

-3 2

Ever. Photo courtesy of Ever.


2501. Photo courtesy of Ever. Click to view large.


Pixelpancho. Photo courtesy of Ever.

El Topo

El Topo with 2501 at work. Photo by Wil Hughes.

Photos courtesy of Ever and by Wil Hughes

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My favorite shots of 2012

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After seeing that Brooklyn Street Art is running a contest for the best street art photos of 2012, I thought to myself that maybe I should enter. Then I remembered that I’m not actually a great photographer. I’m competent and I still post photos to Flickr and Instagram, but there are a lot of people with a lot more talent than me. So instead of submitting to BSA’s contest and surely losing, I decided that I would just highlight a few of my favorite shots here on Vandalog. So, here are my 10 favorite photos that I took in 2012… Read the rest of this article »

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