This year’s Katowice Street Art Festival

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The 2013 edition of the Katowice Street Art Festival in Katowice, Poland took place last month. We already posted about Peter Fuss’ mural for the festival, but there’s plenty more to check out. This year Katowice hosted SpY, El Tono, and many more artists. Here are some of my favorite works from the festival:

Graffiti Research Labs

Graffiti Research Lab

El Tono

El Tono

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El Tono and Momo’s “Impropables”

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El Tono and Momo have teamed up to install 52 of these small sculptures around Besancon, France for a project they call “Impropbables”. On El Tono’s website, there are a few photos showing how they installed the pieces, which shows how they really worked with the space to fit the materials in with few extra tools. The two also produced a zine documenting the project, which is available here.

What’s beautiful about this project is the subtlety of the work. It might not jump out to a lot of people, but I think to come across one of these pieces and realize that it was placed there intentionally would be a really special and thought provoking find.






Photos courtesy of Momo

Via Graffuturism

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MOMO is the man

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Last month, I saw an installation by MOMO here in Philadelphia at Space 1026. Seeing the installation made me fall in love with MOMO all over again. Some of the first pieces of street art I ever noticed around London were his abstract wheatpastes, which stood out among a sea of logos and figures as something different and fresh. Since then, MOMO has been the artist whose work I think best exemplifies successful abstract street art. With street art, there is a tendency for galleries, blogs, festivals and magazines to stick to “easy” art, but MOMO doesn’t make art that you can look at for two seconds and leave alone. He changes environments. MOMO isn’t just putting up a photoshopped Batman stencil or whatever the kids are doing these days to get some hype. Nevertheless, MOMO has worked with Papermonster, FAME Festival, The Underbelly Project, Anno Domini and more. While staying just outside of this culture’s mainstream, it seems that MOMO has a lot of fans who, like me, keep him in the back of their mind at all times for his ability to push post-graffiti and street art forward and make spaces beautiful. That is to say, here’s an interview with MOMO after the jump… Read the rest of this article »

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Miss Kaliansky captures 3ttman and friends

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3TTMAN & Remed & El Tono & Nano4814

Street art photographer Miss Kaliansky sent over these photos of pieces by 3ttman and some of his friends (Remed, El Tono, Nan4814 and Saner) in Madrid…


3ttman and Saner

3ttman and Remed

Photos by Miss Kaliansky


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El Tono around the world

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Baoting, Hainan, China

El Tono has been traveling around a lot this year. Here’s some of what he has been up to in China, Poland and Vietnam…

Yangshuo, Guangxi, China

Warsaw, Poland for Updates

Outside of Hanoi, Vietnam

For more photos and information about each of these trips, check out El Tono’s blog posts about China, Poland and Vietnam.


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Para Mi Gente – Chicha poster style art at Primary Projects

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El Celso isn’t the only artist who is experimenting with Peru’s unique Chica style of posters, a style pioneered by the Urcuhuaranga family in Lima, Peru. In Miami, Primary Projects have a group show opening this Saturday in homage to Chica posters. For Para Mi Gente, more than 50 artists have contributed designs to a Chica-style collaboration. Shepard Fairey, El Celso, Tristan Eaton, Skullphone, Posterboy, El Tono and others have sent designs to the Primary Projects crew who will combine all these designs by hand painting them throughout the gallery. The artists have little control over how their designs will look on the walls, where they will appear, or next to what. This sounds like a pretty unique and risky show. It should look cool, and it will definitely mess with the standard notions of what gallery art should be and look like.

Here’s the flyer with all the critical info you may need:

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El Tono – Pedestrian Interaction

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Keeping the urban art scene alive in Europe, Spanish street artist El Tono recently put his latest ingenious and experimental idea in to fruition by installing a number of white washed glass panels across the city of Coruña. El Tono’s idea was simple – To bring the essence of the street into the gallery. To do so El Tono would merely instigate the opportunity for the art work to be created,  leaving the entire experiments out come completely in the hands of those who should past by. But of course the plan worked and El Tono would later find creative scratches and scribbles left behind on and around his panels, enabling him to create in this way a new and unique form of street artwork. Once El Tono was satisfied with the art work that he had captured, the panels were removed and displayed in at the Fundación Caixa Galicia during the MUAU in A Coruña. I sure hope those people got some credit!

Watch El Tono at work in the video below!

“Branco de España” – Eltono, MUAU, A Coruña from EltonoVideo on Vimeo.

Photos courtesy of El

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