Street Art in Montréal, Canada, Summer

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Garbage Beauty

Here we are, in the middle of an hot, sweat and incredible summer in Montreal. The perfect place to walk in the back alleys and abandoned areas, looking for fresh air and street art. “The perfect day to be outside” for a street art photographer ! Street art works by Garbage Beauty, Chris Dyer, QBNYC, Produkt, Waxhead, Cryote, GawdLabrona, Troy lovegates aka Other, Mathieu Connery aka 500M, Lilyluciole, Mathieu Bories, WIA.


Chris Dyer and QBNYC



DSC_2592 2_01

Cryote and Waxhead

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MURAL Festival – Montreal, Canada (part 2 )

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Montreal really matured during the MURAL Festival. The high level of quality of all the murals gives an idea of what this city is able to offer to the artists: An incredible visibility and an enthusiastic audience. It’s a gift for all the urban artists that love to share their art in a public space. Here are the completed murals of Labrona, Gaia, Lny, Jason Botkin, FinDac & Angelina Christina, EnMasse, Chris Dyer, Paria Crew, and Wzrds gng.








Jason Botkin – and Jeremy Shantz’s car


FinDac & Angelina Christina

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MURAL Festival in Montreal, Canada: Work in progress

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Pixel Pancho – work in progress

For the last few days, the first MURAL Festival edition has taken over more than 20 walls in Montreal, Canada, located around the oldest boulevard of the city called “the main”, namely Boulevard Saint-Laurent. Running from June 13 to 16, MURAL offers to the public the opportunity to see some of the big masters of street art at work. Street artists, graffiti artists and muralists have been bringing all their energy and their incredible talent to refresh the streets. Among amazing international artists are the best Canadian ones. The list is long, but impressive: Pixel Pancho, ROA, Phlegm, Escif, Reka One, Gaia, LNY, Ricardo Cavolo, FinDAC & Angelina Christina, Labrona, Troy Lovegates (aka Other), Omen, Jason Botkin, Chris Dyer, EnMasse, Stare, Squid called Sebastian, Le Bonnard, Paria Crew, A’shop, Wzrds gng.

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Chris Dyer and friends

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Entangled Love Union

Chris Dyer is a Peruvian artist now based on Montreal, Canada. Paints colorful murals that might seem a bit scary if there weren’t so many smiling faces, and he’s collaborated with artists like Bue and Labrona.

Chris Dyer, Chase, and Bue

Chris Dyer, Chase, and Bue


Chris Dyer, Bue The Warrior & Sam Scarpulla

Chris Dyer, Bue, and Sam Scarpulla

Mop the Cat n Stijn WEB

Old Wagon Burn WEB

Photo by Chris Dyer

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