Jester Jacques Gallery pop up print sale in Shoreditch

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Sweet Toof

Sweet Toof

Starting Feb. 7th at 6pm, Jester Jacques Gallery will be hosting a pop up sale in Boxpark Shoreditch. The lineup, including Philip HarrisMighty MoMister MillerchipShepard FaireySweet ToofJon BurgermanAdorJimmy CMarcus PetterssonRosemary Cronin and others were, as Jester Jacques puts it, “chosen for their investment potential and contemporary relevance” to the street art scene. The featured prints look great, but what does that matter if they’re intended to be bought as street art stock? And if you are trying to buy some street art stock, you’re probably a couple of years too late.

Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey

Jon Burgerman

Jon Burgerman

Photos courtesy of Jester Jacques

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The Walls Project in London

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The Walls Project is a series of legal spots organized by the folks behind Global Street Art. To date, they’ve organized over fifty of spots in London for local and international artists to paint. A lot of the spots they find are the roll-down shutters for shops in East London. It’s great to know that there are a couple of friendly guys in London who are simply interested in helping artists find more spots to paint and making their daily commutes a bit more interesting. You can see more of the walls and a map here.

A side note: Global Street Art are currently working on releasing their first book through Unbound, a sort of Kickstarter for books.

Here are a few of my favorites shutter pieces from The Walls Project:

2Rise and Gris



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Wild Style Wednesday!

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Bask and Skeb by Suede

Wild as ever.

Dem189 and Lek by Thias

Piece and photo by Achoe

Spazm and Dely2 by SÖKE

Ador and Kryo by Thias

Photos by Achoe, Soke, Suede, and Thias

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