Sam3′s gullible sailor in a stone boat

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Sam3 recently posted this piece on his blog along with this caption “Gullible sailor, unmoving on his stone boat, it was the river fleeing.”


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Banksy mourns Nekst and a community mourns a Banksy

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Screenshot of Banksy’s website

Banksy‘s website was updated recently with an animated tribute to Nekst, a very talented internationally recognized graffiti writer who died last year. The screenshot above gives you the basic idea of Banksy’s tribute, but you can see the piece in action on his website. This is the first update we’ve gotten from Banksy in a little while. I think the last street pieces he put on his site were the Olympic-theme pieces from last July.


Banksy in London. Photo courtesy of Banksy.

In other Banksy-related news, the above Banksy piece was recently removed from the streets of London and put up for auction in Miami at Fine Art Auctions. The piece, of course not authenticated by Pest Control but is pretty clearly by Banksy seeing as it’s on his website. The BBC has more about the removal of the piece. At this point, the legality of the removal is unclear, but the community is certainly disappointed. That same auction also includes another street piece, Wet Dog, which was painted in Bethlehem and was removed a while ago (it was also featured at the Context art fair in Miami last year, supposedly not for sale at the time).

Screenshot and photo from

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General Howe’s “Disasters of War” gif series

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General Howe has been putting up street art since at least 2007. His recent work may seem like quite a change of direction, but I don’t think the change is as drastic as it might at first seem, although it is significant. Like Insa, General Howe has begun making animated gifs. In my most recent post on, I pointed out a few artists who I think are using the internet like a street artist or graffiti writer uses the street, and not only do I not think that’s crazy, I think that shift is fantastic. I’m not saying that street artists should stop working on the street, but I am saying that the internet has opened up a lot of new opportunities for artists to interact with the general public (kinda like street art), and it’s exciting to see artists taking advantage of those opportunities. A piece of street art can be seen by a lot of people, but an animated gif can go viral. There are a lot of gif artists out there, but I want to point out General Howe specifically for two reasons: 1. His Disasters of War series has some work that just makes my jaw drop, and 2. He has worked on the street for years and then transitioned to animated gifs.


These pieces are all from General Howe’s Disasters of War series. Goya for the digital generation. For the series, General Howe has appropriated imagery from the G.I. Joe animated television series and modified them into gifs that deal with issues of war and terror. Something about these just stops me in my tracks.


One sidenote: I can’t post all these animations without also mentioning Winter In America, an equally impressive short film by Hank Willis Thomas and Kambui Olujimi that also deals with violence through G.I. Joe figures which happens to be part of a show of Hank Willis Thomas’ work on now at the gallery where I work outside of Philadelphia.

More from General Howe after the jump… Read the rest of this article »

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An update from Mr. Penfold

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Mr. Penfold had a show in Sydney late last year, and I’ll admit that it was hearing about that show that got me to have a look at what Mr. Penfold has recently been up to outdoors. Whatever the initial reason, I’m glad I had a look because it brightened up my day.




Mr. Penfold, Numskull, and Beastman in Sydney

Mr. Penfold, Numskull, and Beastman in Sydney



Photos and animation courtesy of Mr. Penfold

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Cool gifs by Aakash Nihalani

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I don’t know what’s better: The homepage of Aakash Nihalani‘s website, or these gifs he made.




Animations by Aakash Nihalani

Via ArtFave

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