El Tono and Momo’s “Impropables”

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El Tono and Momo have teamed up to install 52 of these small sculptures around Besancon, France for a project they call “Impropbables”. On El Tono’s website, there are a few photos showing how they installed the pieces, which shows how they really worked with the space to fit the materials in with few extra tools. The two also produced a zine documenting the project, which is available here.

What’s beautiful about this project is the subtlety of the work. It might not jump out to a lot of people, but I think to come across one of these pieces and realize that it was placed there intentionally would be a really special and thought provoking find.






Photos courtesy of Momo

Via Graffuturism

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  • Lance Rothstein

    This is some of the coolest, most original stuff I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks for sharing them. I’ll be following LeTono & MOMO for sure!